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EXPLORE Long Island Agriculture


Apples are Grown on Long Island for Cider, U-Pick, Farm Stands and Pies!


Grapes Grown on Long Island produce world famous wines and fabulous destinations.


Livestock including; Chickens, Ducks, Goats, and Cattle are making comeback. Once again, Grown on Long Island!

Combine Harvester on Field

Trees, shrubs, and flowers are a big part of Grown on Long Island and grown in your yard!

Harvesting Crop Field

Farm fields produce many types of healthy food for your table. And it is all Grown on Long Island!

Hay Bales

Aquaculture and fisheries are a distinctly Long Island part of Farming. But it is ALL Grown on Long Island

Small Plant

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February 11, 2025

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February 11, 2025

Industry Breakthrough

February 11, 2025

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104 Edwards Ave., Calverton, NY 11933, USA

(631) 727-3777

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