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About the Grown on Long Island logo

In 1985, Long Island Farm Bureau and Suffolk County Industrial
Development Agency sponsored a Grown on Long Island Logo contest. Over 200 entries were judged by the Suffolk County Agricultural Advisory Board and the reproduction on the cover was the winner selection. Long Island Farm Bureau has since incorporated the slogan and the logo into its advertising and literature, establishing a ‘home grown’ identity.

Legal Use of Logo

The Long Island logo is a registered trademark and has certain restrictions for its use.  It is also available for use by LIFB members after executing a simple agreement with LIFB. Details are available at our Calverton office. Call 631.727.3777.

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New York Farm Bureau

Long Island Farm Bureau is a county Farm Bureau in New York State, and is affiliated by agreement with New York Farm Bureau.  Long Island Farm Bureau programs and services are available only to Farm Bureau members within Long Island. The political views expressed in these pages represent the Long Island Farm Bureau's position on various issues as they relate to Long Island.
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